Neurodisorders Congress 2019

Cientific Group is overwhelmed to pronounce its supreme first "World Congress on Neurology and Brain Disorders". Neurology Conferences hung on September 11-13, 2019 at Osaka, Japan. Neurodisorders Congress 2019 gives a general stage for trading bits of knowledge and keeps re-establishing about the latest sorts of advancement in Neurology and their Practices.


Which comparably offers a Chance to go to the introductions passed on by Eminent Scientists from wherever all through the world. Subject of the Neurology meeting as "Frontier Research discussion on Neurology and Brain Disorders". We will most likely join aces from over the World Neurology Meeting organization framework to ask a wide strategy to oversee tending to covering research inconveniences occurring in the social security industry


We genuinely trust that Neurodisorders Congress 2019 will fill in as a universal stage for gathering analysts, extending proficient contacts and construct new chances.


The Conferences of Neurodisorders not just make a stage to trade estimations to the gigantic group of onlookers, yet in addition attempt to spread specialized and investigate propels in the clinical, analytic and physiological parts of Neurology. It happens to be progressively possible for everybody to put in the image with novel research and to distinguish the degree and significance of explicit research zones in the field of Neuroscience. Subsequent to investigating the insights, we have refined around 33,193 neurosurgeons worldwide are serving open day by day to battle the neurological injury. To attract and teach Neurology Professional, analysts, Professors, postdoctoral students and understudies from the business stage to adjacent University structure wherever all through the world.


1. To submit joint endeavour recommendation. 

2. Examine other two-sided investigate extends between Asian Countries, Europe, USA and rest of the world. 

3. This social event will go about as a reasonable stage to discover partners for in general research joint undertakings. 

Near 1,200 conveyance researchers, specialists, clinicians and specialized experts from 55 nations are relied upon to go to for a two-day meeting featuring: 5+ Keynotes


25+ Scientific Sessions 
8+ Mini Symposia 
5+ Focus Groups 
3+ Workshops 
30+ Exhibitors 
100+ Abstracts (Submit Abstract Here )

                                                                                VISA INFORMATION


If you are visiting Japan for the conference trip and are a citizen of a non-country, you may need a visa. A visa is a permit to travel to and stay in a country for a limited period.

Currently, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs grants visa waivers/exemptions, that have special agreements with Japan. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a short-term visa to enter Japan in order to attend this conference, please consult 

Joseph Martin

Program Director| Neuro Disorders -2019


Ph: +1 315 236 2966

Cientific Group Pte Ltd., Singapore.

For more info:


If your country is not listed, you will need to contact the Embassy of Japan or the nearest Consulate of Japan in your home country, to receive guidance on the application process and necessary documents. For more information please visit the Neurodisorders 2019 As part of the visa application process, you may be required to submit a Letter of Invitation from the Neurodisorders 2019 Local Organizing Committee.

Citizens of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Macao, Taiwan, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom(UK) State can get a free-of-charge entry visa upon arrival at Osaka International Airport.

Above mentioned state citizens do not need a visa to enter the Osaka, Japan.


                                                               LETTERS OF INVITATION

A Letter of Invitation is an official document that confirms payment of registration fees and extends an official invitation to the paid registrant to attend and participate in the upcoming conference. In other words, it provides the holder with an official reason to come to Japan. It may be required by your university for administrative purposes and will likely form one of the documents required for visa application, if you are from a country that does not have a visa exemption agreement with Japan.

In order to qualify for a Letter of Invitation, you must meet both of the following criteria:

  1. Be registered as an audience member or an author of an accepted abstract and/or paper 
  2. Have paid the conference registration fee in full

WERE will not, under any circumstances, provide a Letter of Invitation or visa application paperwork to any individual who does not meet the two criteria listed above.

Kindly Provide us the below details to apply for letter of Invitation:

Full Name (As per Passport):


Date of Birth:  


Passport Number:  


Passport Expiry Date


Check in Date:  


Check Out Date:  








Full Address:





                                                          Best Abstract Award


Neurodisorders Congress 2019 , Japan  is pleased to offer up to 3 Best Abstract Awards for the top 3 abstracts submissions.



In order to be eligible for a Best Abstract Awards, candidates must be the presenting author of an accepted abstract and register and attend the Congress.

Young Researchers,Poster Presentation are also eligible.



Successful candidates will receive the following:

1. Travel scholarship of  USD500

2. Complimentary Registration for a future Cientific Group Pte., Ltd, in any Singapore, Japan, Europe Congress of your choice

Venue Location

ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka,
1-3-1 Dojimahama, Kita-Ku,
Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Japan, 530-0004.

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Tourist Attractions

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.
La Santa Maria.
Osaka Castle in autumn.
Shitennoji temple.

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Speaker 1

ms. suchi


Speaker 1

dr.joseph rosado

medical director

Speaker 1

dr.fiona markham


Speaker 1

dr.kurt jellinger

institute of clinical neurobiology

Speaker 1

dr.william s baek

parkside medical group





  • • Unlimited Entrance
  • • Access to All Sessions
  • • A free paper abstract
  • • Coffee Break
  • • A free paper abstract
  • • Lunch at the conference
  • • Certificate of Presentation
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  • • Unlimited Entrance
  • • Access to All Sessions
  • • A free paper abstract
  • • Coffee Break
  • • A free paper abstract
  • • Lunch at the conference
  • • Certificate of Presentation
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