Cannamed - 2019

Cientific Group is overwhelmed to declare its absolute first "International Conference on Cannabis and Medicinal Research" which is going to be held in Osaka, Japan during September 11-12, 2019. Cannamed-2019 has been expected to deliver Neurology related scientists to join and which covers wide extent of in a general sense fundamental session. It's a phase to pass on all the cannabis scientists together to share their experiences. It's the amalgam of sensible research similarly as creative thoughts. CMC-2019 gives an overall stage for trading thoughts and keeps invigorating about the latest progressions in Cannabis research and their Practices. Which additionally gives an Opportunity to go to the introductions passed on by Eminent Scientists from wherever all through the world.

With the meeting subject as "Scientific gathering to unwind advanced innovations in Cannabis and Neurology". We will probably unite analysts from over the Cannabis and Marijuana people group to cultivate an expansive way to deal with tending to covering research difficulties occurring in the social insurance industry.

We genuinely trust that CMC-2019 will fill in as a global platform for meeting specialists, enlarging proficient contacts and manufacture new chances.


Aim and Objectives of Cannamed Conference, Osaka | Japan

1. To discuss crucial objectives in disclosures and enhancements of Cannabis Marijuana.

2. Feature clinical target and huge open entryways for advancing Marijuana advancement.

3. To attract and educate Cannabis and Neurology Professional, specialists, Professors, postdoctoral students and understudies from the business stage to close-by University structure wherever all through the world.

4. To submit joint endeavor recommendation.

5. Talk about other two-sided investigate extends between Asian Countries, Europe, USA and rest of the world.

6. This gathering will go about as a better than average stage to find associates for overall research joint endeavors.

Near 1,200 conveyance researchers, designers, clinicians and specialized experts from 55 nations are required to go to for a two-day meeting including:

  • 5+ Keynotes
  • 25+ Scientific Sessions
  • 8+ Mini Symposia
  • 5+ Focus Groups
  • 3+ Workshops
  • 30+ Exhibitors


Cannabis is gotten from the cannabis plant (cannabis sativa). It develops wild in a large number of the tropical and mild territories of the world. It very well may be developed in practically any atmosphere and is progressively developed by methods forindoor hydroponic innovation.

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Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis development is nothing more nor not exactly the developing of weed. In the event that you live in a state where therapeutic marijuana has been sanctioned and you have a cannabis card, you are permitted to grow a specific number of plants at home for individual use. 

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Therapeutic Plant Chemistry

Extending validness and authenticity of remedial plants the nation over has made uncommon enthusiasm for qualified specific staff and mind-boggling open entryway for the skilled representative in the Neurology, home developed concentrate, and customary thing ventures.

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Extraction methods

Extraction is a typical practice performed for various diverse reasons, going from expanding weed's health advantages to creating a progressively strong recreational item. 

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Cannabis: Neurology and its Effects on Brain

Gotten from the hemp plantCannabis sativa – marijuana – is a psychoactive opiate drug. Its leaves and buds can be smoked, taken in sustenance, matured in tea or taken in concentrated liquid structure.

Key words: marijuana's long-term effects, marijuana's short-term effects, marijuana a gateway drug, Marijuana, Memory

Brain Disorders and Therapeutics

Mind issue is a neurological issue of the focal sensory system. They are basic, electrical, biochemical, spinal string, variations from the norm nerves can result in a wide scope of indications. The side effects are migraine, muscle shortcoming, loss of motion, sensation misfortune, perplexity, seizures and agony.

Key words: Neurological therapeutics, neurodegenerative disorders, pathological, Lennox-Gastaut Syndromes, Memory, therapeutic


Cerebrum imaging or Neuroimaging speaks to of different strategies to straightforwardly or in a roundabout way picture the capacity, pharmacology and structure of the sensory system. It is related with new order inside the drug, brain research and neuroscience

Key words:  Alzheimer,  Dementia, neurodegeneration ,  neuroimaging , Psychosis,brain mapping, neuroimaging, nervous system, neurological disorder.


Cannabis and Psychiatry

Specialists and other social prosperity specialists need to all the almost certain fathom the association among cannabis and mental issue with the objective that they can respond to growing helpful and recreational pot use among their patients. 

Key words: psycho-pathologyschizophrenia, endocannabinoid, Affect, cannabis, cognition, endocannabinoid, schizophrenia, treatment



Propensity is a disarray of the mind's reward structure which creates through transcriptional and epigenetics instruments and occurs after some time from constantly raised proportions of prologue to an addictive lift (for instance eating sustenance, the use of cocaine, responsibility in sex, support in high-thrill works out, for instance, wagering, etc.).

Key words: Drug, alcohol, adolescent behaviour, behavior addictive, cocaine, cocaine abuse, drug addicts, morphine, motivation, neurons, opioid, smoking

Cannabis Use and Crime

High usage of alcohol and prescriptions can conversely impact all pieces of a person's life, influence their family, partners and system, and recognize an enormous load on American culture. 

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                                                          Best Abstract Award


Cannamed - 2019 , Japan  is pleased to offer up to 3 Best Abstract Awards for the top 3 abstracts submissions.



In order to be eligible for a Best Abstract Awards, candidates must be the presenting author of an accepted abstract and register and attend the Congress.

Young Researchers,Poster Presentation are also eligible.



Successful candidates will receive the following:

1. Travel scholarship of  USD500

2. Complimentary Registration for a future Cientific Group Pte., Ltd, any in Singapore, Japan, any in Europe  Congress of your choice

Venue Location

ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka,
1-3-1 Dojimahama, Kita-Ku,
Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Japan, 530-0004.

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Tourist Attractions

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.
La Santa Maria.
Osaka Castle in autumn.
Shitennoji temple.

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Speaker 1

adv. inbar paz-benayoun

founder and ceo

Speaker 1



Speaker 1

dr.mark ford

ceo & director

Speaker 1

dr.joseph rosado

medical director

Speaker 1

dr.deandre jones

west grand organization

Speaker 1

dr.jeremy riggle

chief scientist

Speaker 1

dr.david rice

pacific sky consultants





  • • Unlimited Entrance
  • • Access to All Sessions
  • • A free paper abstract
  • • Coffee Break
  • • A free paper abstract
  • • Lunch at the conference
  • • Certificate of Presentation
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  • • Unlimited Entrance
  • • Access to All Sessions
  • • A free paper abstract
  • • Coffee Break
  • • A free paper abstract
  • • Lunch at the conference
  • • Certificate of Presentation
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