Japan resides a unique culture flourishing in contrasts of modernization and customs. They possess a strong, warm and incredibly welcoming spirit. Japan is one of the leading nations in scientific research, particularly technology, machinery and biomedical research. Japan competes with the US for high level medication and hospitalization. Japan is favoured from an educated and skilled workforce.

Osaka, a metropolitan area serves as a major economic hub. Historically a merchant city. Kuromon Market, which has been playing an important role for thriving Osaka as the "Kitchen of the Nation" for a long time. You will discover the ghetto, retro zone in the Deep Backstreet of Osaka and can also experience Tea Ceremony wearing a Kimono or any casual clothing in Kyoto. You will be immersed in Japanese culture by learning the steps to a traditional rush. Osaka is Japan’s third largest city well-known as an economic powerhouse of the Kansai region for many centuries. The city’s west side has the main port as well as a tourist destination with attractions such as Kyocera Dome, Universal Studios Japan, Osaka aquarium, Minami, Osaka castle, Umeda sky building and the Tempozan Harbour Village.

Osaka is known for its food, both in Japan and abroad. Author Michael Booth and food critic François Simon of Le Figaro have both suggested that Osaka is the food capital of the world. Osaka’s culinary prevalence is the result of a location that has provided access to high quality ingredients, a high population of merchants, and proximity to the ocean and waterway trade. In recent years, Osaka has started to garner more attention from foreigners with the increased popularity of cooking and dining in popular culture. The National Museum of Art (NMAO) is a subterranean Japanese and international art museum, housing mainly collections from the post-war era and regularly welcoming temporary exhibitions. Grand front Osaka, Tenjimbashisuji shopping street, Mitsue outlet park Osaka Tsurumi, Takashimaya Osaka store, Expocity, Osaka station city comprises of more than 300 vendors flooding your with fabulous collection of clothing.


  • Mount Fuji.
  • Hep Five Ferris Wheel.
  • Daisen Park.
  • Shitenno-ji-Temple.
  • Nakanoshima Park.
  • Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.
  • Osaka Castle.
  • Osaka Science Museum.
  • Hoshida Park.
  • The National Museum of Art.
  • The Umeda Sky Building.
  • Twin Towers.