Matthan Ibidapo is the Founder/CEO /Chairman of Cannabis South LLC/ International.  He was born in East Point, Georgia to Nigerian immigrants. After spending several years in Lagos, Nigeria during his childhood , Matthan returned to American at the age of 13 , where he graduated from Riverdale High School. In May 2011 he graduated from The Alabama state university with a BS in Social Work and also has masters level experience in clinical mental health.

Matthan goal since founding Cannabis South/International in 2013, a licensed producer of hemp in the United States, has been to find the solutions to many different issues affecting the African community daily lives, in the bible belt states in the United States and around the world. Cannabis South /International is a duel cannabis and hemp company that focuses on the commodities of each individually industry.  

Dr. Joseph Rosado is a pioneer in the Medical Cannabis Community as being one of the internal medicine doctors in Florida to start the trend to recommend Medical Cannabis as a natural alternative for his patients. He proudly shares his vast knowledge of this medicine to Police Agencies, Doctors Offices, Community Groups, and Medical Associations. Dr. Rosado is experienced & respected in his field as being the 'go to' for understanding the do's and don'ts of this new medical product.

Our medical cannabis consulting agency is 'at your service' - we want to be referred to all your friends and business associates after we do an amazing job for you! We are proudly serving all of the newly legalized Cannabis states and the numerous communities within them. Our consulting services for medical cannabis education include group workshops, in-person presentations, one on one consulting, online courses, specific interest area, legal understanding of the laws surrounding this topic and more!

Jyri Kuusela is the founder of NeuroVitalia and Ataman Science. He is also Neurofeedback lecturer of EEG Info-Europe and qEEG/ERP lecturer of HBImed.

Dr. William S Baek is a triple board-certified neurologist. Born in NYC, he graduated from Seoul National University College of Medicine in 1999 and completed his Neurology residency at the University of Chicago and a fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology at UC San Diego in 2006.  He completed an NIH postdoctorate research fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

He has served on UM at Beaver Medical Group, and as the Primary Stroke Center Medical Director, Internal Medical Residency Program Faculty Member, Neurology Clerkship Director,   EMR champion, and QI/Peer Review Committee member at Kaiser Fontana Medical Center. He was a member of the Donald M. Palatucci Advocacy Leadership Forum, Class 2014.  He also serves on the Clerkship Directors Consortium, Ethics Section of the AAN and is a member of the AANEM.

He was the official bilingual moderator for the 2009 AOCCN, IFCN, in Seoul, Korea.  He is on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Neurology and Neuroscience and JSM Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia. He has over 30 publications, almost all as sole author.

Dr Prem Kumar Shanmugam is Chairman and Clinical Director of Solace Sabah Addiction Treatment Retreat. Prem co-founded Solace with the vision of helping people with addictions recover and learn to live for life. Prem has worked in the field of addictions and psychology for more than 10 years.

Prem is the Past President of the Association of Psychotherapists and Counselors (Singapore) and the Regional Director of the Asia Pacific Certification Board (Singapore) while being one of the founding members as well. Prem is a psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer and facilitator and is actively involved in research in the addiction field. Prem is a certified practitioner in Management of Family Violence Counseling, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Certified Substance Abuse Therapist (Level 4) and a Certified Psychotherapist and Counselor (Level 4).

Fiona holds MSCs in Addictions Psychology and Advanced Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy from The Metanioa Institute in London and an MSC in Psychiatry with a focus on substance abuse from Cardiff University. She has conducted research into attachment disorders in addiction, and is an accredited trainer and supervisor of clinicians.

Dr. Gratwicke qualified in medicine from the University of Oxford, and undertook post-graduate training in neurology at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Queen Square, London. He is a practicing neurologist both at NHNN, Queen Square and St. George’s Hospital in south London, with specialist interests in movement disorders, dementia and neurodegenerative diseases. He is concurrently completing a PhD at UCL’s Institute of Neurology where he works within the Unit of Functional Neurosurgery, delivering both a specialist academic and clinical DBS service to patients. He has published a number of highly cited papers in reputed journals discussing cognitive network dysfunction in dementias and the use of cognitive neuromodulation as a therapy to counter this.

Kurt A Jellinger, born 1931 in Vienna, is Professor of Neurology and Neuropathology at the Medical University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria), was director of the Department of Neurology, Lainz Hospital in Vienna and since 2002, director of the Institute of Clinical Neurobiology (Vienna, Austria). He has been the recipient of numerous international grants and awards, is a member of numerous national and international scientific societies, editor of many international journals of neurology, neuroscience and neuropathology. His publication records exceeds 1,000 in perr-reviewed journals, 170 contributions in scientific book, inclduding several as editor, as well as 1.300 lectures at international meetings. For the last 50 years, his research included many fields of clinical neuropathology, neurochemistry and descriptive neurobiology. 

Dr. M. Raafat El-Gewely currently is Professor Emeritus, Institute of Medical Biology, U. of Tromsø, Norway. Professor of Biotechnology, Inst. of Medical Biology, U. of Tromsø, Norway, July 1988-July 2012 (Appointed by king Olav of Norway); Director of Biotechnology Center, University of Tromsø 1989-1999, Assoc. Research Scientist, Department of Biological Chemistry, U.of Michigan Medical School. Ann Arbor, Michigan1983-1988; Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Cellular and Molec. Biology, U. of Michigan, 1977-1983. Visiting or Adjunct professor at U. of California Medical School, San Diego (UCSD). Aug. 2008-Aug. 2009; Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), 1441 North 34th Street, Seattle, WA 98103-8904 Sept. 2003- Sept. 2004; Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Biotechnology, U.of Aalborg, 9000-Aalborg, Denmark 1997-2002; Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, Medical School, U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109- 0620, Aug 1998 to Aug 1999; Dept. of Biological Chemistry, Medical School, U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0606/ Aug.1992 to Aug. 1993. Chief Editor, “Biotechnology Annual Review" (1995- 2009). Elsevier, Amsterdam. Netherlands

Dr. Ian James Martins is an Editor/Reveiwer for Open Acess Pub/MDPI journals and various other international journals. Advisory Board Member for Photon Journal. Fellow of International Agency for Standards and Ratings (IASR). Conferred with the RICHARD KUHN RESEARCH AWARD-2015 ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM. Chief Editor for International Journal of Diabetes Research.

Research Online lists 37 ECU publications that are under Global analysis from Ian James Martins. Prestigious Recognition of Lifetime Membership by International Agency for Standards and Ratings as Fellow for Diabetes, Medical Science (Nutrition). Winner (World Academic Championship -2017) in Diabetes and Medical Science (Nutrition). Certificates from various international conferences have been received in relation to anti-aging, health and disease. Keynote addresses at, Biomedicine 2018 (Osaka, Japan), Global Experts Meeting on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome 2018 (Melbourne, Australia), Immunology World 2018 (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Laboratory Medicine 2018 (Berlin, Germany), Innovate Pharma 2017 (Sydney, Australia), Innovate Neurology 2017(Sydney, Australia) World Diabetes and Endocrinology Summit-2017 (Dubai), Pharmacology and Ethnopharmacology 2016 (Chicago, USA) and AGHC 2016 (1st Plenary Speaker, Kaohsiung, Taiwan).

MS. SUCHI is an experienced International Pre School Principal/Manager who picked up  Laughter exercises from many coaches around the world. She then designed ‘Laughter Therapy' which is being used  in many places such as hospitals and Senior Activity Centres. She provides individual and group therapy in educational and home settings.

A former Manager / Trainer is now engages in building social awareness about Holistic approach for recovery. Be it Depression,  Anxiety caused by physical or emotional pain,  Death  in the family  and the harm the unhappiness brings to people, families and communities. Her aim is to encourage people to seek help early and get on the path to recovery. Her works has been featured in local press, TV and Radio and has been an invited speaker at various community clubs and educational  Institutions.  She has also been awarded by MINDS and various community clubs  in recognition of her social work.